NTT America Channel Neutral Partner Program

NTT America, a subsidiary of NTT Communications Corp is being more aggressive in getting referral partners, agents and VARs to sell its entire suite of domestic and international IP and data solutions including Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 GigE in an effort to further bolster the company’s Global IP Network (GIN) Solution Partners Program

The company is pushing the channel neutral nature of their offering meaning their own sales force is not supposed to compete with the partners/resellers. Instead the goal as the company explains it is to collaborate with solution partners. One partner, Mike Nguyen of Silent Partner explains, “Their method of collaboration is almost unheard of in the industry. It makes becoming an agent a much easier venture to swallow because you come out of the gates with the NTT America GIN direct sales team behind you, and they stay with you through the entire customer relationship management lifecycle.”

I met with the company’s Director of Product Marketing, Chris Davis to talk about his company and in the discussion he mentioned the way they are able to stay neutral is to pay both sides – meaning the channel and the internal sales force. He also told me the growth rates in Latin America are off the charts as they are skipping over dial-up and regardless of the economy the forecast for broadband use worldwide is not set to decline.

From there we discussed the potential for low-cost, high-powered devices to drive the next wave of broadband adoption in BRIC countries. For example, Davis mentions the new NVIDIA HD mobile internet device initiative that could produce devices which cost the end-user $99.

As you might imagine we talked about his parent company NTT and the sheer size of the behemoth which has 469 subsidiaries and 200,000 employees. Suffice it to say, they are one the most stable service providers on the globe. But what of course made me take special note was the mention of Pandora as a customer. Yes, the streaming radio station I am listening to right now is powered by NTT America as well as at least one other carrier for redundancy.

I imagine this case study might even resonate with customers and help differentiate NTT America in a highly competitive space.

Be sure to drop the company a line for more information.

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