Podcast: Peter Vicars, Newstep Networks

There is a race taking place in communications. Everyone is looking to converge as fast as they possibly can. Service providers want to provide enterprise service. Wireless carriers want to own the SMB and consumer markets. Oh… And I forgot — they also want to own all the land line business.

Then there are equipment providers who are looking to integrate their products with multiple wired and wireless service provider networks and provide seamless inter-connectivity between these once  once-disparate realms.

There is such a trend towards unification that it seems it will soon be difficult for customers to differentiate networks from one another. But underneath all the cool whiz-bang telephony gadgets of the future will be sophisticated technology allowing fixed-mobile convergence or FMC to take place.

In fact, it will be an incredible world when devices are are able to tap multiple wired andwireless networks in order to make calls and download data as efficiently as possible.

To provide this wireless utopia to users, service providers will have to deploy state-of-the-art technology allowing their customers access to solutions which let these users traverse networks in a seamless fashion.

One company leading the charge in this space is NewStep Networks. The company has done a good job producing technology-agnostic products while having a wide target — service providers and enterprise customers.

Less than two months ago Newstep secured a $9.5 million round of financing and also appointed a new CEO — Peter Vicars.

It just seemed obvious that I should sit down and have a podcast conversation with Peter to see where he sees the market going in the next few years.

This podcast interview will give you a candid insider look at NewStep and should hopefully answer any pressing FMC questions you have been dying to get answered.

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