Speaking at VPF Winter 2007 Today

I am speaking today by the way. I forgot to mention it. Here is the session you can see me at later today –4:00 PM in fact.
Keynote Panel
Web, Media and Telecom Market
Panelists include Bhupender Kaul from Time Warner Cable and Hunter Newby from Telx. See below for some of the discussion points.
The panel will be an informal discussion on how these various markets are intersecting, and potentially merging into a single industry. Specifics include:
  • Opportunities and disruptive influences of the Web and Media on Telecoms industry
  • Open standards, interoperability, peer-to-peer are viewed with concern by the telecom and media industry
  • Strategies carriers are taking in their "home" markets and in global markets
  • The transition of CableTV to Video over Internet and IPTV and its impact on the MSO market
  • What will the role of a traditional telecom company look like in 2, 5 and 10 years?
  • How will Google’s 700Mhz bid change the industry?
  • Is the Web the new "telecom" industry?
I know it is a bit late but assuming you are reading this blog entry on your mobile device while jogging in Central Park you can make it here by 4:00PM EST. 🙂

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