Titanium Watches? What about Headsets?

Recently I picked up a titanium watch. In fact I now am the proud owner of two titanium watches. I just love the stuff… More durable than steel and much lighter. What if everything in the world was made out of titanium…? We would throw things out less and save lots of money on fuel.
Of course titanium is a lot more expensive than other metals so don’t expect to see your next phone made out of it.
Still, durability in the office is important – and especially the call center where headsets have become more durable over the years.
Did you know that headset vendors are beginning to catch on to the trend of durability in headset design and some of these vendors are using advanced materials such as Tephlon (and you thought it was just for cooking).
I was learning about headset technology advancements in an article by TMCnet’s Stefania Viscusi from the headset channel. While it doesn’t seem like there are any titanium headsets on the market yet (some have the name titanium but don’t seem to have any of the exotic metal in them), the holidays are around the corner and there is no telling what is on the manufacturer’s new offering list.

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