TMCnet Goes International

Today is a momentous occasion for me as TMCnet has gone international developing continent-specific editions for Latin America, Europe, Asia the Middle East and Australia. You will find these country choices on a grey horizontal bar at the top of most of our pages. TMCnet is the largest communications and technology portal in the world and this move allows people everywhere to see news specific to their needs.

We believe this move is a good one for TMCnet visitors and the advertisers looking to cost-effectively target communications buyers – service providers, enterprise decision makers, resellers and developers worldwide
TMCnet has approximately 2 million unique visitors per month and here are Alexa’s statistics on TMCnet’s international reach as of this writing: users come from these countries:
United States                54.6%
Canada                         5.0%
United Kingdom           4.8%
India                             4.2%
Australia                       1.9%
Malaysia                       1.5%
Germany                      1.4%
Philippines                    1.2%
Singapore                     1.1%
Israel                            1.1%
China                           1.0% traffic rank in other countries (lower numbers are better. 1 is the best):
United States                809
India                             2,134
Canada                       2,736
Australia                       4,032
United Kingdom           4,213

  • Markus Göbel's Tech News Comments
    April 19, 2007 at 6:22 am

    This is a great move. I hope to see more information from Europe, especially Germany, where for instance the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (Fokus) in the 90s invented the SIP standard to lower their phone costs. Now other companies make big money with it.
    Other stories that can be interesting:
    1.) Siemens (from Munich) presented on CeBIT their new product HiPath MobileConnect, that let’s mobile phones do a seamless handover between Wifi telephony and GSM networks – and back, always choosing the cheapest way to connect, without interrupting the call.
    2.) Cellity (from Hamburg) tunnels mobile calls with exquisite voice quality trough fixed lines, bringing down the prices up to 90 per cent.
    3.) AVM’s new Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270 (from Berlin ) is the dream device for VoIP: DECT phone for fixed line phone calls and VoIP, WLAN router, answering machine, USB host, DSL modem and music streamer in just one device. It also works with the new V-DSL for downloads speeds until 100 MBit and includes the new 802.11n standard for super fast Wifi. Any other American product seems more than oldfashioned against this! Also you have to keep in mind that people in Germany get these devices for free from their DSL providers. That’s the reason why there are already millions of VoIP users in Germany.
    4.) “Most of the Nokia phones will have Wifi soon. For instance in the N-Series Wifi is no exception but a general feature”, said Ari Virtanen, Vice President Convergence Products, Multimedia of Nokia some weeks ago in an interview with me. How will this affect the mobile network providers like Vodafone if their clients can now avoid their expensive networks with devices they get for 1 Euro? (Because also the Wifi phones are subsidized in Germany.)
    5.) How come that much of the technology of the new OpenMOKO dream device, an all open Linux phone, comes from a Linux / VoIP community project in Germany (Berlin)? What did they have to suffer until they found their device maker from Taiwan and GigaOM covered it two days ago?
    These are stories that are very interesting to me. And there is much more to cover, that maybe slips trough your fingers because it is not always announced in English press releases that arrive on your desk. If you want I could be helpful as a correspondent. Just click on my website for more information!

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