Vocal IP Networx a Big Apple Carrier

Recently I had a chance to sit down with Eugene Laykhtman the founder and president of Advanced Technology Group, Inc. (ATG), a company he founded in 1995 in the IT consulting space. Over the years, ATG got involved in IP communications and a new company Vocal IP Networx was spun off as a separate service provider of voice and data.

The company provides a variety of products such as T1s, fiber, DSL, wireless, security services and applications such as VoIP recording, web hosting, hosted MS Exchange, Sharepoint and backup services. Vocal IP Networx is powered by solutions from Broadvox, Allworx, Adtran and others and in a conversation with Eugene, I had a chance to ask what he feels is different about his company.

One of the key differences is the spinoff from a technology company where they gained tremendous experience rolling out hundreds of sites for carriers. This experience led them to build a resilient network and put in procedures which ensured excellent levels of service and support.

The target market for the company’s services are companies spanning multiple locations such as the retail market.

One of the services the company has which you can consider to be a differentiator is called Plan B and it allows as the name implies an organization to have backup-voice and data up and running in 24-48 hours. We are talking about unprovisioned connectivity as in some cases, retail establishments forget to get their broadband circuits up before a store opening. As you guessed, this solution is also useful in disaster recovery/continuity planning scenarios as Max Schroeder points out.

Just a few months back I was in Huntsville listening to Adtran give a presentation which included how their products have better wireless connectivity – in fact a representative of Verizon Wireless spoke at the event as well. I surmise Vocal IP Network is one of the customers of this solution.

The company sells through agents or direct and is based in Manhattan and has an additional collocation facility on the west coast.

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