You Can Now Use your Phone on the Plane

The latest Windows 10 update makes it easier than ever to bring your mobile lifestyle onto an airplane. If you go into Settings and then Network & Internet, under Mobile hotspot, you can turn the service on and set a network name and password. As I write this on a Microsoft Surface Book, I decided to try the feature out. I then connected an iPhone and within a minute the phone rang.


It was startling actually.

You see I have Voice over WiFi enabled on the phone. I didn’t take the call but made another right away and could hear the other person clear as day. Apparently I sounded like I was atop Mt. Everest which actually makes a lot of sense. But its likely poor upload bandwidth to blame… Not the altitude.

Of course I could have easily paid for two GoGo Wireless connections but it doesn’t make financial sense to have both devices on wireless if I am using one primarily.

The good news is I can now get iMessages too. I am also streaming IHeartRadio via my phone to my Jabra headphones.

Bottom line – there was a lot of buzz on the internet some years back when Andy Abramson found a way to make calls on a flight using Phweet. Once word got out, Aircell found a way to stop it. Apparently WiFi calling via iPhone is another loophole which allows people to make calls from up in the air.

Hopefully GoGo doesn’t read this post and decide to stop it.

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