REI Communications Triple Play

REI Communications is getting serious about triple-play as they are going to use Pannaway Technologies to deliver the service in Central Florida. 200,000 residents will have access to the service. REI Communications CEO Karl Burgess says one of the reasons they picked Pannaway was because the New England-based company helped deliver affordable service to their customers and Pannaway is working around the clock to deliver the solution.

The best thing about the deal? Pannaway is located in New Hampshire and the service calls in January are awesome! Expect Pannaway techs to be fighting over who gets to help REI come winter-time!

Service providers are scrambling to learn more about triple-play and they need to deploy immediately… While the opportunity is here. To that end, many of the world’s service providers will be flocking to ITEXPO in a few weeks to learn about triple-play and IPTV opportunites. Hope to see you there.

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