All Conference Party Announced for ITEXPO West in Austin

You must, must, must be at the all conference party at the upcoming ITEXPO West 2011 in Austin, TX as it will feature the Spazmatics and be – well, a whole lotta fun. The details are as follows:

  • Wednesday, September 14th
  • 9:00 pm – Midnight
  • Cedar Street Courtyard
  • 208 West 4th Street – Warehouse District
  • Austin, Texas

In order to gain entry to the party, you have to be a speaker, exhibitor/exhibit staff and/or a paid conference attendee. There is no separate fee to enter the party so please purchase a conference pass to ITEXPO or a collocated event and please bring your badge to get in.

We hope to see you there – this will be great fun!


Nerds that Rock! 

If you want to be sent back to the 80’s, The Spazmatics are the ultimate experience.  The band lends it’s geeky charm to performing 80’s hits complete with “nerdogrpahy” and “spastic” movements for The ultimate New Wave 80’s Show! 

Come rock with The Spazmatics at the ITEXPO Party!!!  Enjoy the music and the super special Cedar Street Margharitas. 



Geologist by day, rockstar by night.  Such is the life of Al, the lead singer for The Spazmatics.  A freak accident in the lab has left Al with a chronic neck condition that requires him to wear a neckbrace everywhere he goes.  Fortunately for fans of rockin’ 80s, the injury did not damage his vocal cords or his talent for energizing an audience and leading the Ultimate New Wave 80s Show – The Spazmatics.



Three time ping pong champion Bjorn is the guitar player for The Spazmatics.  His passion for table tennis is rivaled only by his love for 80s rock. His keen hand-eye coordination developed not only his killer backhand but also allows him to serve up some classic 80s guitar riffs. During some songs Bjorn wears safety googles to protect his eyes from the possibility of a freak guitar pick accident.



Cecil is nicknamed “The Happy Drummer” for the simple fact that he is the happiest drummer in the world.  Cecil is so happy he has been the subject of numerous psychological studies at various Texas universities.  Cecil brings the cheer everywhere he goes with his killer rock n roll beats, hair brush vocal solos, and spot on Tone Loc impersonation. And when the mood strikes he has been known to bust a mean “Carlton.”



Geoffrey, the bass player for The Spazmatics, is the keeper of The Force and all things Jedi – his light saber (and lunch) are always in his official Star Wars backpack. Geoffrey is known for his ability to bust a move and reenact any scene from any Star Wars movie. Among his many medical conditions are asthma, non-descended testes (hence his high voice), and a vestigial soft spot on his head. His Mom has instilled a deep concern for safety in Geoffrey and makes him wear a state of the art helmet to protect him and his soft spot from potential hazards.

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