Cash in a Phone System Clunker For VoIP and SIP



The cash for clunkers program sponsored by the US federal government is now over but you can still benefit from the cash for phone systems clunkers idea I mentioned a few weeks back. As a reminder, using services like SIP trunking, VoIP and IP communications you can save tens of thousands if not millions of dollars (euros, yen, etc) on phone and conference calls. There is an official cash for phone system clunkers web page now with links to important references such as ITEXPO which is the global gathering place for all things IP communications.  

As a reminder ITEXPO is next week (Sept 1-3 in Los Angeles) and it is the equivalent of an automotive supermarket (yes, communications in this case) where you can meet with all the vendors who save you money by replacing your old equipment. In many cases they can replace the “clunker” with something which is hosted meaning zero CAPEX costs.

I should mention others in the communications space have their own “cash for clunkers” programs. Case in point is Grandstream’s Cash for PSTN clunker program that they implemented with Megapath. Megapath is running a promo in which they will offer a $250 dollar credit for VARS or End users who purchase Grandstream’s PBX. 

Both companies are exhibiting in ITEXPO so be there to connect and learn more. In the auto industry you get a “cash for clunkers” offer once in a lifetime. In the telecom space we do it every day. 🙂

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