How to Make/Save Money With Communications Today

In my conversations with many in the telecom industry they tell me they are very excited about coming to ITEXPO next month in Miami. They explain, now is the best time to be at a communications show which not only addresses the entire telecom space but focuses on business – or making money.

They tell me this year, more than ever, they need to focus on generating earnings. Sure, the future, visionary aspects of communications are great (and will be disussed at the event) but I can tell you from personal experience, the companies in communications that haven’t been focusing on sustainable business models can’t pay their bills and many have already quietly closed their doors.

I sincerely believe as an industry we need to come together and focus on the meat and potatoes… How do we make the money we need to make in the toughest economic environment of our lifetimes? How do we help ensure our jobs and companies will be here in 2010?

If making money or saving it is important to you, you need to come to ITEXPO where we will focus on how to benefit from the future of communications. But not benefit in the far future like in 2013, I am talking about increasing the bottom line rapidly with solutions like SIP trunking, open source and a plethora of other no-brainer technologies you need in a slow economy.

The show also offers certifications (OCS, trixbox, fax over IP, IP network security and Asterisk) which can help you stay employed or find a job. There is also a satisfaction guarantee if you attend ITEXPO conferences. Yes, there is free content as well (Microsoft Response Point, Reseller Solutions, SIP Trunking, Telecom Agent Day).

If you go to one telecom show in a recession, it has to be ITEXPO because you will learn to generate real and rapid ROI.

And of course the cherry on top of this proverbial communications sundae is airfares to Miami and hotel costs are at a record low meaning you will pay less money than ever before to come to a show which can get you saving and/or making money immediately.

And believe me this event is cost-effective for you as you can meet with all the vendors that matter in one place. In many cases, you will meet with top execs who go to few or no other shows all years.

There are too many to list but to give you an idea, you can meet with Digium, Microsoft, Aculab, 8×8, AudioCodes, Interactive Intelligence, I2Telecom, AllWorx, VoltDelta, Applianx, Dialogic, Sangoma, Quintum, Sansay, TelcoBridges, Adtran, Aspect, Broadvox, Cbeyond, Dash Carrier Services, DIDX, Grandstream, Intelepeer and so many others. To be honest there are just too many to list.

Here is the full list of speakers and exhibitors which I encourage you to check out immediately and then feel free to book your flight and hotel.

Some speaking companies of note are as follows: ClearOne, Communicano, Broadsoft,, Acme Packet, D-Link, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, Empirix, Faxcore, Fonolo, Fujitsu Network Communications, Gigaom, Global Crossing, GIPs (again – too many to list).

I look forward to greeting you personally at the show.

Here are some scenes from ITEXPO last fall in Los Angeles:



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