ITEXPO East 2011 Rumors so Far

ITEXPO here in Miami officially starts tomorrow but there are already lots of talk and rumors of note.

First off is the FCC may give credence to the notion next month that POTS needs to die. The carrying costs of this legacy network are massive and the 5ESS switches are 30 years old and you have to get the spare parts from eBay. 911 is a reason to not kill POTs but some predict that if the FCC gives a 10 year deadline for the death of POTs, the telecom network equipment market will see a surge in business which may even rival Y2K times.

Also, Arunis Chesonis the CEO of PATEC is in India and may be working on a deal with an Indian telco or a possible acquisition. Maybe a sale? We’ll see.

Moreover, the voice peering market is saving more that $250M/year for cable companies and others. This is one of those no brained technologies which disrupt legacy markets and we still have a long way to go in terms of peering adoption.

Finally, some are wondering what happens to the smart grid market when the subsidies from the Feds run out. And they mostly have. Does the market sustain itself and continue it’s growth or slow. Again, we’ll see. More to come soon.

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