AMDOCS Allows Carrier Self-Service at MWC2013

The big news from AMDOCS at Mobile World Congress 2013 was a suite of solutions dubbed CES 9 which the company internally calls the “Wow release.” The company says it has seamlessly connected its customer management, billing, OSS, CRM and network controller solutions allowing customers for the first time to see connect their experience from the device down to the network.

You have heard me go on about the age of acceleration and apparently carriers feel the pressure of providing things faster as well. One of the biggest advances in this new solution will allow carriers to let their customers take advantage of self-service on the devices they use. For example, a tablet user will be able to upgrade their data account without having to call into a customer service representative or CSR. The company believes the release will actually allow 80% common transactions to be completed without a call center call-in.


Company representative Rebecca Prudhomme pictured above explained that the industry is adopting a new metric regarding customer satisfaction which gauges a customer’s willingness to recommend a service to friends or family. This Net Promoter Score or NPS gave the company the opportunity to evaluate a new KPI which helped them roll out new products.

One is the Multichannel self-service solution which I described briefly above. In addition to allowing customers to make changes on their accounts it also allows seamless transfer of transactions across devices from start to finish.

In addition the company’s new Proactive Care solution uses big data methodology to determine the most common reasons customer call and subsequently arms carriers with information they need to be proactive on future calls.

The company’s Order-to-Activation service is designed to help carriers deal with the fact that by 2016 over 24 billion connected devices are expected to be in service. Finally, the company touts is cloud solutions which span a wide range – from enabling MVNO solutions, M2M and connected home to cloud enablement which allows carriers to provide and effectively monetize cloud-based solutions as they provide MSP products to SMBs. Moreover they also provide private cloud solutions or virtual private clouds for their customers.


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