M2M Equals Smart Services

“Engineers like to call it machine-to-machine or M2M while businesspeople like to refer to the market as smart services,” is a notable paraphrased quote made by nPhase’s Joe Jumayo while being interviewed (video below) by Dr. Mary Cronin, a TMC and Crossfire Media partner in the Smart Product Ecosystem industry site on TMCnet and referred to affectionately as SPEC.

Some of the more important parts of their conversation have to do with e-book readers which are now interconnected, water treatment plants which are connected by M2M solutions and more. Siemens is used as example above in discussing how M2M has helped them in the water business and this experience is being used to help them in other areas in which they play.

M2M is also important in the robotics space where Jumayo explains an outage of a robot for an hour in a particular application is the equivalent of $60,000 lost. He further explains how a smart service is used to integrate diagnostics into a more personalized maintenance program. In other words, just as the world is coming to grips with the fact that humans should have personalized diets, exercise plans and even drugs, it turns out robots too need to be maintained according to their specific needs. Who knew?

For more of this fascinating conversation, be sure to check out the video above and also be sure to come to the M2M Evolution Summit, January 20th, 2010. You can check out the agenda now if you like.

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