Microsoft Outlook Social Connector Shows Great Potential

I finally got around to installing Microsoft’s Social Connector and it was an interesting experience. The goal of the program is to let you see the social status of people you exchange email with. As you scroll through emails, you can see the person’s wall/news at a pane on the bottom of your screen – under the email they sent. In addition you can add people to the social network of your choice if you aren’t connected with them already – just by clicking.

The install is straightforward – first you download the software and then you download a connector for Facebook, Linkedin and Windows Live Messenger.

The instructions are easy – you download the software, restart Outlook, Click on the View tab, open the People Pane and then click Account Settings. You then look under Social Network Accounts. Sure, Apple would have made this a single step procedure but we are talking Microsoft here, usability hasn’t been a priority until recently.

As you can see, when I send myself an email – I get all of my posts to Facebook. The challenge is will this new integration provide me with too much information? Possibly… I am unsure but will continue to use it and update you if I really fall in love with it or it starts to get overwhelming.


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