Microsoft Tablet Expensive but does Flash

Microsoft, the company which invented the tablet – Tablet PC just under a decade ago has a long way to go before they understand how to become an important player in the tablet space of today. In short order, the market has become one which is price sensitive – iPads start in fact at under $500.

Yet when Asus rolled out its tablet strategy with three Android units and one based on Windows 7, the latter device was priced at more than twice the average of the Android gadgets. So you can buy an Asus Tablet for $399 or $499 or pick up a Windows unit for $999. Let’s hope the street price is lower.

And as Matt Rosoff points out, the Microsoft tablet comes with superior hardware which typically isn’t needed on tablets and to me it is obvious it will suck more battery and generate more heat. Just what everyone wants to deal with in their lap. Even worse, the Windows 7 device isn’t designed for touch and there is a lack of apps available.

The good news perhaps is the Windows device will likely run all the Flash you can throw at it and run all your PC programs without a hiccup. You will even likely be able to run those special web services which only work with Internet Explorer.

So we can expect the Microsoft tablet to be considered in corporate settings – as two-part laptops with a detached bluetooth keyboard or in instances where Flash is a deal killer. Still, this isn’t a tablet strategy and Microsoft needs to deal with this glaring defect soon.

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