Windows 7 Beta Review

One of the only reviews I have seen of Windows 7 Beta which is geared towards the telephony world comes from Alec Saunders. According to Alec, “7” missed some drivers but he was able to work through the problems or use Vista drivers.

He further says Google Chrome doesn’t work.

Another interesting incompatibility:

Browsing to Google Analytics with the IE 8 beta included in Windows 7 caused IE 8 to crash.  The black bar in the image below is IE 8’s attempt to render the performance graph.  The same page was easily rendered in Firefox and Safari however.

The list of what did work is quite extensive… Office 2007, Windows Live Sync, Live Mesh, Skype, Tweetdeck (plus Adobe Air), iTunes, Safari, and Firefox.

He says the performance is not great but potentially attributes this to the fact the code is in Beta – he thinks it will improve. He says Windows 7 is worth downloading if you are technical and further explains that Windows 7 is the dot release to Vista which basically means it is the stable, improved version of a new Microsoft OS.

There are some great screen shots and more analysis worth reading.

Via Luca Filigheddu on Facebook.

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