Warranty Master a Must for MSPs

Many of you know I am the CEO of a tristate MSP/IT services company primarily serving NY, NJ and Connecticut and it helps me really understand how the IT market works. Most tech writers just stay in the vendor world where things work perfectly I am in the world of reality where things often don’t work as advertised. The perspective is invaluable.

Even the companies with stellar reputations for simplicity and service have some products which make you want to flush them down the toilet from time to time. But you have to either use them or resell them to know this. Every PR and marketing person who gives you new product briefing will tell you all the positives but rarely disclose the drawbacks. Frankly, I am not even sure they know because many of them don’t actually deploy the products themselves.

Being involved in an MSP helps me advise other MSPs how to do thingswarranty-master-logo.jpg better – I try to separate my roles as much as I can BTW to avoid any conflicts. In all, I believe my dual-role has worked out well for readers.

Case in point, MSPs – go out, no, run out and look at Warranty Master. In short it goes through your customer technology list and determines what is out of warranty and helps your customers come up with a payment plan to replace it all using charts and graphs.

Our MSP management actually looked to hire a person to do this for us but now we have a software solution which takes care of it for us.

Today, my team printed out reports for managers and customers and they are both straightforward and easy to understand. The amount of replacement revenue I just came across was truly staggering and it doesn’t even include the time to build servers, etc.

Warranty Master is the rare product that pays for itself and helps the MSP and the customer at the same time. After all, older, slower machines can often slow productivity and effectiveness. Will all your customers out of warranty want to upgrade immediately? Probably not but the first step in getting them to think about new technology is alerting them that its around the time to start thinking about it.

One of my goals is to get this company to be at MSP Expo next February in Fort Lauderdale because they seem to be well hidden and their product is so great, they should be promoting it to the hilt.

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