RAD Rides 5G and NFV Trends at Mobile World Congress

At Mobile World Congress (MWC16), RAD was focusing on two important trends I saw at the show – the move to 5G and digital transformation for carriers – specifically NFV. Bjorn Baera, Head of Business Development European Service Providers showed me the ETX-2i-B demarcation device which supports physical or hybrid CPE powered by NFV. The base vCPE device allow access to centralized NFV services but can be upgraded as needed with the addition of CPU modules to support hybrid services for customers like banks who may require local branch layer 3 VPN services.

Bjorn Baera proudly shows off the new ETX-2i-B

Bjorn Baera rad ETX-2i-B vcpe.png 

In addition, the solution allows for service level monitoring to ensure adherence to SLAs.

How RAD sees their products powering vCPE solutions 
Thumbnail image for rad-vcpe.png

RAD vCPE Deployment models

On the 5G front, the company has a new MiCLK (pictured below) device the size of a pack of gum which allow carriers to inexpensively upgrade 


their network timing so as to take advantage of the latest standards such as 5G and LTE-A. The patented MiCLK (pronounced my clock) 

eliminates the need for increased cabinet space, a separate power source and a GNSS receiver at all cell sites. Using a Distributed 1588 Grandmaster model, it distributes 

frequency and time throughout the network and provides phase and time of day. The secure, fully managed, timing overlay solution can support up to 64 eNodeBs.


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