Kemp Hits 100K+ Load Balancer Milestone, Aims to Disrupt F5, Citrix Pricing

Load-balancing leader Kemp just celebrated more than 100,000 load balancer deployments by launching a 2-for-1 promotional offer for its popular VLM-3000 virtual load balancer. The offer gives customers an unmatched value to optimize and secure their applications, web properties or IT workloads at a discount of more than 80% compared to alternative products.

We typically do not cover pricing related news but this one was different because it actually names names… They say they want to disrupt the larger players in the market. F5 and Citrix.

This intrigued us. We don’t get a lot of controversy in tech. The last time we remember any (besides the employees at Google or Amazon protesting the company or Uber or Lyft drivers complaining about wages) was when Marc Benioff used to take shots at Microsoft.

We asked Kemp for quotes from customers and one from the company – they are sprinkled throughout in bold text. We hope you find this piece useful.

We looked at more expensive load balancers from F5 and Barracuda, but Kemp offered the same functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Scott Boyce, IT Operations Manager, GSP

The Kemp VLM-3000 is an award-winning layer 4-7 virtualized load balancer that is right-sized for many organizations and application environments. The software can be deployed on any common hypervisor and supports up to 3 Gbps of throughput and 4,000 SSL transactions per second. Kemp provides optimized application templates, intelligent content switching logic and a range of application-aware traffic steering methods to ensure client requests are always sent to the best possible target.

With Kemp we’re able to do a lot more from a security perspective than we ever could with F5.

Tom Hearn, Senior Technology Manager, Sageworks

“The popularity of Kemp has skyrocketed because we are putting more choice and flexibility in the hands of the customer, backed up by providing direct-access to experienced support engineers,” said Tony Thompson, chief marketing officer for Kemp. “Our virtual load balancer sets the standard for delivering an optimal AX, and with this offer, customers can now get a pair of enterprise-grade virtual load balancers for a fraction of what they might pay the competition or an incumbent ADC provider.”

Kemp created a consumption-based model that just destroyed the competition

Brooks Snow, Chief Technology Officer, Lume

Kemp prides itself on providing direct-access to experienced network engineers with strong application-specific competencies upon first contact. This is made possible through in-region technical support hubs, including those in New York, Limerick, and Singapore.

Customers trust Partners to help navigate the benefits of the new generation of load balancer deployment and licensing models. We are empowering those partners who want to better serve their customers, and help them achieve optimal application experience, restraining both cost and deployment overhead with Kemp’s more agile license and deployment models

Peter Melerud, co-founder and chief strategy officer for Kemp

The Kemp VLM-3000 2-for-1 promotional offer is available globally for $6,000. The offer is available through December 31, 2019.

We didn’t reach out to F5 or Citrix for this story but welcome their comments, feedback and/or news at any time. We will update this post or create others as needed.


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