11 More reasons to Attend Digium Asterisk World

Bill Miller recently blogged 5 reasons to attend Digium Asterisk World in Miami in just under three weeks – Feb 2-4 to be specific. Tom Keating – the consummate competitor had to add one more reason but Bill and Tom don’t know I have a secret competitive streak as well.

So I am going to add a few more… Sorry guys.

7) One of you who is present at 2:20pm on Wednesday Feb 4th is winning a new Jeep.

8) There is a conference guarantee.

9) You get to sample collocated events ITEXPO and 4GWE.

10) You get to come to an event where Carl Ford and the TMC team have come together to educate the market (this doesn’t happen every day mind you  )

11) You get to see the entire communications market in one place – you meet people from around the world. Generally over 110 countries have participation at ITEXPOs each year.

12) You get to see the best from not only the open source community – you also get to see leading-edge solutions from Microsoft.

13) You get conferences and products for VARs, enterprises, SMBs, service providers and developers – all under one roof – a mix of people who show up nowhere else.

14) You can learn how to best navigate a tough economy by speaking with others who are dealing with the same issues as you.

15) You can save your company money and/or make it money by deploying the latest in communications technology.

16) You can increase your marketability and chance for your company to prosper by growing your inner-circle and/or getting certified in a number of areas.

17) You can gauge the hot areas of the market based on exhibit hall and conference buzz – this is an invaluable opportunity which can help save tens of millions of wasted development dollars.

There are more but I really don’t want to anger Tom (did I mention he controls the passwords on the blog server?  ) or Bill (Did I mention the man is a Twitter legend and with a single tweet from any of a number of accounts he could put me in my place?  ).

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