Asterisk, Trixbox and Switchvox Training

It is a foregone conclusion that the open source market will benefit as companies look to take advantage of the lower costs and productivity benefits of IP communications and collaboration while holding the line on costs. If you are a reseller, VAR, interconnect, etc and you aren’t looking to sell these systems you are at a tremendous disadvantage.

If I am a VAR, I walk into a customer and say here is what IP can do for you and here are low cost solutions which can help you while saving you a boatload of cash. In this economic climate, this pitch resonates – does yours?

It is for this reason the interest in open source and more specifically open source certifications continues to grow. After all, being certified in a hot and emerging area of communications means you are more likely to get hired by a company as an employee or as an installer of  their phone system.

In response to the needs of the market TMC is proud to have a collocated Asterisk World event at ITEXPO in 13 days in Miami. In addition, we are thrilled to be the only place in the world where you can get training on Digium-based products and also those from Fonality.

If you are looking to save money while boosting sales and your resume, you simply have to be at this show.

Here is the schedule of training events and this represents only a small part of the overall open source communications content at the show.

  • Switchvox, Tuesday  Feb 3, 8:30-5:00
  • Asterisk 123, Wednesday Feb 4, 8:30-5:00 (This is the first time this course has ever been available)
  • Trixbox FtOCC Technician, Feb 2-4

I look forward to seeing you soon in Miami.

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