Why Are Orders up 25% at ECI Telecom?


During the presidential inauguration yesterday, I was on a call with Laura Howard the CMO of ECI Telecom where I learned her company grew 25% on order intake growth from last year. This may surprise you as the company competes with Nortel on a few fronts. I asked Howard about where the growth was – what regions of the world and how the company changed its business model to make this happen. Hint – managed services didn’t hurt.

We further discussed what is happening with spending among CLECs, cable companies and tier one service providers. Other hot topics included fiber and Carrier Ethernet markets. NGN was another area of discussion and on the call we learn what ECI has done in these spaces and where they have focused their efforts.

She has some incredible market research to share on where the global bandwidth growth is and will be. China 3G networks are just one example.

In addition, we get to hear what Howard thinks about the demise of Nortel and the broadband stimulus plan proposed by Barack Obama.

The podcast is long but full of important details and trends such as the growth potential for carrier’s carriers and utilities.

I hope you enjoy it.

  • Sandra Vincent
    February 17, 2009 at 11:40 am

    Monday, February 16, 2009
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    I share with you today, as briefly as possible, my calling from the Lord. I have had what you would call a “Wake-up call”. I have always believed in God, but until this time that belief has held no meaning – who was He, and what was I to do? I never really pursued the answers until now. I always thought that being a good person who never meant to hurt anyone or anything intentionally was all that was needed to get to heaven. Oh, how wrong I was!
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    I’ve learned that to walk with our Father in the Kingdom, all I have to do is ask Him in prayer. I know that I’m expected to fail, and fail I have, and that’s ok, because by failing I’m just given another opportunity to gain Him in asking Him for forgiveness. And on those rare days when no little or big things occur, I just pray and thank Him for a wonderful day.
    As I was writing this, and reading it, and re-reading to be sure it contains all I wanted to say, I realized again how very simple it is to gain the Lord. Then I wondered how anything so gracious, glorious and rewarding could be so easy – BUT I’m not questioning it. This reminded me of a young brother who shared a few weeks back on a Lord’s Day that he didn’t know why a mathematical equation worked in calculus; he just knew that it did and relied on it. That’s kind of what I’ve gotten out of how easy it is to gain the Lord.
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    As I get baptized today I want to thank the saints for taking me by the hand and helping me to see that it’s ok to be human as long as I live with the divine life inside me. It is now my responsibility to live each day using my new awareness of prayer and the consciousness of the Lord within me, because thanks to the Father, my ignorance of Him no longer exists.

  • James Morgan - Puritan Financial Advisor
    August 16, 2010 at 2:19 am

    I can handle it because I have the Lord, my Savior and Friend, on my side, and that with all the support I have from my brothers and sisters, and from my family and friends, I won’t be able to lose for trying.

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