Openpath Announces new Safety & Wellness Pandemic Tech Solutions

A while back we were impressed with and covered Openpath’s next-gen access control system which allowed smart access control for the workplace. As you may recall, we really liked their guest pass feature which allows someone to receive a one-time web link which lets them in the building or office. We went on to say:

The hardware is sleek and the software runs on your phone and watch. There is integration with directory services as well as apps like GSuite and Office 365 as well as the ability to function via bluetooth, WIFi and LTE to ensure reliability.

They are a natural company to help provide pandemic tech which keeps us more secure and healthy in our office environments as we return to work.

In fact, they just released a complete security solution, with features such as contactless, wave-to-unlock capabilities, enforcing social distancing through occupancy management integrations, health check and fever detection compliance and enforcement of access control for rotating employee shifts.

“We selected Openpath as one of our strategic partners because of their hands-free access coupled with their OPEN architecture,” said Mikki Ward, VP of Real Estate Technology at EQ Office. “We’ve now launched Openpath’s platform at a few of our properties across the country, a timely investment that has helped make our tenants’ transitions back to the workplace seamless and safe.”

Features of Openpath’s Safety & Wellness Solutions include:

Integration with Self-Attestation Forms: Daily health and symptom attestations are the most common and often the most cost-effective way for companies to implement a symptom check-in for anyone entering the workplace. By utilizing Openpath’s new set of enforcement APIs, attestation apps can block access to users who identify themselves as sick. Before this, attestation apps could only set an alert or an alarm but had no real way to prevent sick people from entering the building. Now with Openpath’s integration the access control system can help companies safeguard their assets and prevent the spread of illnesses in the workplace. Partner integrations supported by ButterflyMXEnvoyEquiemHqOLivlyProxyclickRise BuildingsSoloinsight and TractionGuest.

Automated Occupancy Threshold Management: Companies can now limit the capacity of any given space to comply with social distancing guidelines by leveraging Openpath’s enforcement APIs. Integrations with occupancy management solutions count the number of people entering a space and then block a new entry via Openpath integration when capacity limits are reached. Partner integrations supported by CamioDensityKognitionVaion, an Ava company and Vergesense.

Integration with Thermal Cameras: For organizations incorporating thermal camera technology into their safety and security measures, Openpath’s integration with video and visitor management systems which include thermal camera technology, enable those systems to check and enforce the results of tenant temperatures at the door. Partner integrations supported by KognitionMilestone, and Soloinsight.

“Wave to Unlock” hands-free technology: Openpath’s platform ensures building owners, managers, tenants and visitors can enjoy building access without touching any physical surfaces. Users can wave their hand in-front of a reader from a safe distance in order to unlock an entry and Openpath’s patented Triple-Unlock technology that works over WiFi, LTE and Bluetooth, guarantees a fast and reliable connection, imperative to efficient and safe access. Users can also open a door directly from the Openpath app. This feature is part of Openpath’s offerings to help companies operate their spaces during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Partners who have embedded Openpath’s SDK into their mobile app include EquiemHqOKognition, and Rise Buildings.

Automated Contact Tracing Module: Integration with Apple and Google Contract Tracing technology to help inform people of proximity to sick people. Partner integrations supported by Kognition.

Profile photo of Chase Garbarino
Chase Garbino, CEO and co-founder of HqO

“As businesses begin to reopen their doors, we have buildings and tenants using Openpath’s unique hands-free access control and our HqOS to return to work safely. Together, our combined technologies make it easy for landlords to provide Safety & Wellness Solutions across their portfolio through one app experience,” said Chase Garbino, CEO and co-founder of HqO. 

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