Join The RPX Patent Protection Club

I have a job where I get paid to listen to many smart people and then use the vast amount of information I amass in my neurons and put it to good use (well, after I have had some coffee anyway) . Many times when speaking with many of my readers, I get good ideas and one of my more recent ones was to put together a company which amasses patents in the hopes of using them to defend against patent trolls and other companies.

Let’s face it, the game is rigged. Large companies which are more established, own patents – either organically created or via acquisition. Some of these patents are solid and innovative but many are downright silly and overly broad. Of course that is just one person’s opinion.

Having said that – as a person who thinks allowing small companies the ability to come up with great ideas, put them to use and make life better for their investors and consumers, is a good idea – I applaud the fact that a new company has been created with the goal of becoming a patent protection club.

I should mention that if I worked at a large telco, I would be suing everyone who competed with me and infringed my patents. This is common sense and understandable. But until someone appoints me the CEO of Verizon or AT&T (a long shot after HR reads this post) I think any sort of protection a small company can get from a larger company – especially as it equates to patents, is good to have.

So I present to you a new company I just learned about and one that took my idea and ran with it –  the RPX Defensive Patent Aggregation service. It is worth pointing out, I can’t necessarily endorse the company as I don’t know much about them. What I can endorse is the idea that a bunch of companies looking to make products which consumers and businesses need, now have an insurance plan to protect them from being sued into submission my a cadre of larger companies doing what is in the interest of their own shareholders.

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