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Please be sure to check out the new TMCnet legal news site whose goal is to provide you with timely news and analysis pertaining to the legal world. Our official press release on the new area explains how legal news is becoming a major part of business. Between patent suits and government agencies such as the FCC, DOJ, and FTC there is a steady stream of news which is affecting the technology and other markets.

Some of the latest articles from this new vertical industry site pertain to HTC countersuing Apple regarding patent infringement. The challenge for HTC of course is going up against Apple, a company who has been in computing and handheld computing for decades. One has to imagine the Apple patent list is far greater than the one HTC owns.

Then there is the news regarding LimeWire losing a lawsuit to the RIAA. The file sharing service may need to shut down unless a deal can be struck allowing the $35/year Extended Pro version to be utilized as a vehicle to pay the RIAA. There is more but check out our new legal news site yourself for other interesting stories.

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