Podcast Interview: Oswin Eleanora, Acision

In my travels, one of the more knowledgeable players I have run across in the space of telecom – and especially wireless communications is Oswin Eleonora (Oz) the Senior VP Sales and Marketing North America for Acision. You may recall I wrote about Oz and Acision back in July of this year.
I had a chance to pick his brain again regarding Verizon’s open network announcement, the iPhone, the future of wireless, the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), Android, CDMA, GSM and more.
How will service providers differentiate themselves in the upcoming years as networks become more commoditized? Oz has the answer. Who will win the wireless service provider wars? Oz will tell you. Where do we stand with regards to municipal WiFi? Again, Oz will tell you. What won’t he tell you? Perhaps the only thing is how a man with 40+ year-old fingers like me can effectively use the little Apple iPhone keyboard.
Enjoy the podcast. 🙂

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