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Tata’s View of Communications

tata-new-world-of-communications.jpgTata is a global company which is perhaps closest to what General Electric is in the US or Siemens is in Germany. The company is absolutely massive, having over 5,000 employees and engages in businesses such as building cars, providing chemicals, energy, materials and even consumer products like tea.

In addition, the company is a major player in telecom and has a global fiber network which is worth taking note of as it is large and growing. Tata has been aggressively pursuing US and international business and for this reason I knew my audience would be interested in learning more about how Tata Communications can help service providers, schools, the government and other US based concerns solve their communications problems.

On a podcast interview with Anthony Rossabi, Vice President of Carrier tata-business-overview.jpgServices for the Americas I had a chance to ask questions about what the company is up to and how it can help carriers worldwide.

A good deal of our discussion centered around TCTS or Tata Communications Transformation Services which provides specific back office functions for carriers such as provisioning, network design, access and access pricing. The company has been focusing on landline but is moving into the wireless space as well.

In addition to what is happening in the US, the company is also growing in developed markets and moving aggressively in emerging markets. Beyond India, they have also created strong inroads into South Africa and China with equity stake arrangements in Neotel and China Enterprise Communications.

The company is also growing its MPLS platform in Latin America through a partnership and building out a POP (Point of Presence) in Brazil.

The company is also exploring green initiatives by potentially working with the Green Grid and other similar groups.

TCTS is gaining traction according to Rossabi by helping carriers increase efficiency and save money. For more information check out tatacommunications.com.

Tata Communications Global MPLS Network


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