7 Main Benefits of SD-WAN

SD-WAN has officially become a must-have technology. The space is growing rapidly. There is funding galore – commensurate with the growth in the market. It is also a confusing space because of all the things SD-WAN can do and all the variations which can be chosen from .

On a related note, a few SD-WAN funding stories we’ve covered recently are Bigleaf for $21M, Aryaka for $50M and 128 Technology for $30M.

Getting back to choices… There are hardware solutions, cloud and of course SD-WAN services. These can be purchased directly, through a carrier, MSP or other reseller.

It can be put together via single carriers or multiple. In other instances, one carrier will manage all the carrier relationships.

The following is a list of SD-WAN benefits as well as some of the variations the technology provides. In addition, If you want to see some of our historical SD-WAN stories – we would be honored:

Digital Transformation cannot be effectively accomplished without network transformation. The increased reliance on cloud-based applications means the underlying network must be ready to handle this increased load. You cannot effectively just upgrade applications without first looking at how to handle the transit of said applications.

Business Continuity cannot effectively be provided to an organization if its network does not have redundant connections ready to stand-in when there is a failure or outage. Likewise, a slowing connection can be mitigated if there are alternative broadband choices.

Cybersecurity: SD-WAN makes is far more difficult for attackers to infiltrate networks and pilfer data.

Cost is dramatically reduced when using SD-WAN instead of costly MPLS circuits. In addition, higher-value applications can be given precedence so network resources are not being over-utilized by frivolous video downloading and viewing.

Flexibility is crucial and countless IoT devices flood networks. SD-WAN is a must in such an environment as it allows various data sources to be prioritized based upon business needs.

5G is is a gift from the broadband gods – all of a sudden we have numerous carriers who will provide us with fiber-like speeds, without any new wires. SD-WAN allows us to harness this newfound networking speed without having to suffer major cost overruns as 5G networks can be programmed for use based upon business needs. The CEO’s video conference, for example, may be higher priority than other functions

SD-Internet is here… A number of SD-WAN providers will sell you a managed SD-Internet instead. The benefits include not needing to architect the entire network yourself.

We are happy to report it is easier than ever to learn about the space and choose solutions. Whether you are an enterprise, MSP or carrier.

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