Cogeco Peer 1 is now Aptum Technologies; New Services will Enhance and Expand Hybrid Cloud Offerings

A few weeks back we shared a lot about Cogeco Peer 1 – a leader in data centers and fiber. We ended our post, letting you know the company would be changing its name soon. My friends, that day has come!

Aptum Technologies is the new name.

In an exclusive interview with Susan Bowen, Chief Executive Officer of Aptum, she told us the old company referred to seven companies which came together… The new name is about adaptability while taking the best from the old activities.

“Aptum means ‘adaptability’ and reflects our heritage and vision for the future,” she said. “As businesses face exponentially increasing volumes of information, and data becomes an integral part of their infrastructure, technology platforms must adapt and harness the power of data to enable better decision making, risk evaluation and customer engagement. We help organizations unlock the potential of their data by providing a robust infrastructure that enables customers to solve complex challenges and maximize the potential of their businesses.”

“Our vision is to enable data as infrastructure,” Susan exclaimed. “Data is really the explosion that people used to talk of as ‘new oil.’ Now it’s infrastructure, the way we operate.” She continued, “We enable services to have a true hybrid infrastructure solution including, data center, cloud, hosted connectivity. We really enable data.”

Susan went on to say they have four-thousand clients and are focused on high-density and strong performance enabling their businesses.

The company’s data center business is about edge… Bringing together hybrid multicloud connectivity with access to compute or access.

“It’s the next phase of IoT. M2M learning and ways companies are adapting to big data technology,” she exclaimed.

5G also plays into this – where they have proximity to the data center and edge… Especially where they have dense fiber such as Montreal and Toronto.

We enable, “Host-neutral service enablement around 5G. We are on the leading edge with hybrid multicloud,” she exclaimed.

There are aslo new services being offered:

  • Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) – reinforcing Aptum’s commitment to multi-cloud this new suite of AWS services complements Aptum’s existing Managed Azure and Managed Private Cloud offerings. Managed AWS services include consultation; architecture/design; solution build and configuration; migration; project management; ongoing service management and optimization; and 24/7 expert support. Managed AWS is available in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.
  • New Cloud Connect Availability – expansion of Cloud Connect, which offers a direct, dedicated and secure connection to cloud services. Cloud Connect is now available for AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle in addition to Microsoft ExpressRoute. The Cloud Connect expansion is available in all regions.

“The addition of these new cloud services is a perfect example of how Aptum is continually evolving to meet our customers’ changing needs,” Susan said. “Every business has unique considerations, constraints and objectives that will be met by different solutions. Helping customers determine the correct platform for their unique requirements and then providing expert implementation is why businesses turn to Aptum.”

“As a rapidly growing AI products company, Element AI needed a true partner that could help us focus on our business growth rather than worrying about our data center infrastructure. For the past two years, Cogeco Peer 1 has consistently delivered,” said Ludwig Gamache, IT Director, Element AI. “Our requirements are different from most companies because of the compute-intensive nature of machine learning and AI algorithms – which generate more heat to dissipate and higher power demands than average customers. Element AI is now 35 times bigger than when we launched in 2016, and Cogeco Peer 1 has been able to adapt to solve our unique challenges. We look forward to continuing to evolve our IT infrastructure with Aptum as we grow.”

The exciting news is Aptum is enabling customers in important new areas of technology and communications. Cloud, IoT and 5G for example.

The new brand allows them to have a fresh start while maintaining a leadership position in important tech areas.

They have a hundred-day plan and we look forward to catching up and reporting on their progress at that time.

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