ITEXPO Sponsor Sprint Teams with Rocket Fiber for SD-WAN and More

ITEXPO sponsor Sprint and Rocket Fiber, announced a carrier agreement to provide Detroit area businesses with access to more flexible and diverse connectivity options. The collaboration is the first in a series of initiatives aimed at making cutting-edge enterprise connectivity more widely available across Southeast Michigan. Available soon, the newly established network relationship will provide end-to-end, high-speed connectivity utilizing Sprint’s global wireline network and Rocket Fiber’s fiber dense footprint in the region. 

You may recall, this past November, we reported on Sprint partnering with ITEXPO exhibitor Ooma to power the former’s Office Pro solution.

Aimed at driving progress for the city of Detroit and surrounding suburbs, the Sprint and Rocket will provide complementary fiber network architecture and service levels. Sprint customers will be able to access Rocket Fiber infrastructure to ensure their networks are adaptable and optimized as business needs change, without compromising security or performance. Meanwhile, Rocket Fiber customers will enjoy seamless access to Sprint’s Tier 1 network backbone. The extension of both company’s network capabilities delivers value and reliability for Detroit area businesses looking for high-speed internet and connectivity.

Mike Fitz, vice president of Sprint’s Global Wireline business.

“We are excited to work with Rocket Fiber as another addition to our access agnostic strategy in the Certainty Network Design Model. The complementary nature of our two wireline networks reinforces our commitment to 100% network availability,” said Mike Fitz, vice president of Sprint’s Global Wireline business. “Together with Rocket Fiber in Detroit, customers can rely on Sprint’s wireline network for their mission-critical applications.”

Since launch in 2014 Rocket Fiber has paved the way on facilitating and implementing advanced fiber technologies in Detroit and surrounding suburbs.

Marc Hudson, Co-Founder and CEO of Rocket Fiber

“Rocket Fiber has always prided itself on being Detroit’s premium connectivity provider,” said Marc Hudson, Co-Founder and CEO of Rocket Fiber. “We are excited about what the relationship with Sprint will bring to Detroit, starting with internet access. The hand-in-glove fit between our networks allows us to not only diversify and strengthen the region’s network infrastructure, but also bring our services to a wide range of consumers outside of the state leveraging Sprint’s best in class national fiber backbone.”

Sprint and Rocket Fiber have already proven the value proposition to Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3). With 28 locations in the U.S. and Europe, S3 places a premium on connectivity for its business systems and more than 3,600 direct consultants. The company utilizes the Sprint Business SD-WAN solution, connected to its Detroit headquarters with dedicated gigabit internet from Rocket Fiber.

Nick Kirby, IT Director with S3, applauds the collaboration between Sprint and Rocket Fiber, “Detroit is a hotbed for innovation, which requires that workers engage in high bandwidth activities.” Kirby continues, “Networks that support innovation at this scale need resilience and diversity to bring true, 100% availability within reach.”  

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