Combofix is Great Antivirus Software

A malicious – fake antivirus message

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It’s funny how ironic life can be as a few weeks back I posted an entry warning my readers about the various forms of malicious antivirus malware apps which try to install themselves on your PC. I included a few sample malicious screen shots my IT department sent around. The goal was more to help the families and friends of my readers as I imagine most of my readers are technically sophisticated.

Well, yesterday morning I took a look at the laptop which quite often lives on the kitchen table and there it was staring me in the eyes, one of the fake antivirus programs I warned you all about. I tried to run my normal antivirus program and the “fake” program intercepted. In fact it intercepted everything I tried to run.

Thankfully I had another computer in my house and I decided to download the free antivirus solution Combofix which I then transferred to a USB drive. I then rebooted the infected laptop into safe mode and copied Combofix locally. Within 30 minutes or less (I walked away at some point and didn’t time it but it did take more than 10 minutes) the computer was back up and running. All fixed.

What a great utility. I highly recommend it.

Now I have to figure out who was the person who got the machine infected in the first place (and scold them) while ensuring family harmony.

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