Over 70% of Users Can be Tricked by Phishing E-mails which will Paralyze an Organization

Ransomware is a major plague on society – successful hackers are making millions of dollars bu encrypting business computers and forcing companies to pay a ransom to get their files back. Just today, we learned the City of Knoxville, with a population of 187,500 shut down its entire computer network due to ransomware. We also learned that energy company Enel with 70,000 employees was hit with ransomware.

This week, Honda factories and customer service went down thanks to ransomware.

Just these incidents alone are causing tens of millions of dollars in damage – maybe more.

The most recent PHISH360 campaign results after 48 hours

Phishing simulation service PHISH360 has seen from 70% to over 90% clicks when sending non-targeted emails to users. When a user submits their information to a web form they are then trained to not click – they are given guidance of what to be wary of.

As bad as the pandemic has been with regards to destroying businesses, these insanely high click rates are even worse. Much of phishing we see is of low quality, crafted by non-native English speakers. Often, this makes it easier to spot a fraudulent message. When an English speaker makes phishing templates that cause more than two out of three people to click on the link, things will get far worse before they get better.

We have seen a four-time increase in cybersecurity complaints to the FBI since the pandemic… Hackers are becoming more successful and when they have more money to invest in better phishing templates, they will make even more.

This will all be at the expense of businesses, cities, states, government agencies, schools and nonprofits.

A service like PHISH360 is free to try. You can also hire a managed service provider to assist you if needed. We also like Phishing Box by the way. It really doesn’t matter what phishing simulation vendor you use – what matters is that you actually perform these simulations regularly.


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