Skype Problem with your Payment Scam

TMC has been getting inundated with emails lately about problems with Skype accounts we don’t own. We checked into the malicious script embedded in the emails and they appear to send you to servers in Estonia where your computer is likely to be infected with malware. Not that I need to tell you but – stay away – and be sure others who may fall for this scam know not to click.

E-mail attached:

      Subject: Problem with your payment

      Hi there srusso,

          Unfortunately, your payment failed, but dont worry, we didnt deduct any money from your card.

      Here are your order details:


      – Skype Name: srusso

      – Total amount: $88.00

      – Transaction date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 11:58:45 +0200

      – Order number: 043575863

      – Order status: Refused


      Proceed to view full message : open attached file – Skype.html

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