Learn From Skype

I have noticed something counter-intuitive and it has to do with quality of experience as compared to the cost of a product. What I mean is that generally speaking when you pay more for something you get better service. First class service on an airline consists of fresh baked cookies, champagne and pampering.

Starbucks coffee costs more than other coffee but for the extra money , the customer receives an experience which is far different from McDonald’s and other competitors.

Generally, the more you pay for something the better the service level.

But why is Skype such a glaring exception to the rule? You see, it seems quite often when I conclude a Skype call, a survey pops up asking me how the quality of the call was. I get to vent if the call was bad and this makes me feel like the company cares. This improves the quality of experience on a  call which costs a few cents per minute or is even free.

You what happened in this example? The cheapest vendor is offering a great level of service. Now obviously Skype has significant resources but it is not so difficult to flash a survey in front of customers after a call is made.

This makes me wonder why other companies in every industry such as airlines, restaurants, etc aren’t doing the same.

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