Skype Takes Share, Upgrades iPhone App

Skype is now the largest provider of cross border communications in the world, by far according to a new report from TeleGeography. According to the research company, the rate of international calling has been growing at a steady compounded rate of 15% but in the last few years the slope has decreased as a result of the recession and of course, people switching to Skype.

Skype’s Share of International Long-Distance Traffic, 2009


In other Skype news, the company recently upgraded their iPhone app with some minor tweaks which sadly don’t include push notification. Remember that there is no “legal” way to multitask on an iPhone (unless you are using an app which is from Apple) so without push notification support you can’t get inbound calls and/or other  incoming messages when using another application on the device. One of the most useful new features of the upgrade however is chatting in landscape mode. Those of us with fat fingers will certainly appreciate this new option.

I am looking forward to spending some time with Skype CSO Christopher Dean at ITEXPO this week. He speaks at a keynote address at 9:15 on Thursday, January 21st and I am sure there will be some amazing new insights coming out of his presentation.

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