I Posted an Anti-Amnesty Petition in Hostile Territory, Whitehouse.gov

If you’re paying any attention at all, you know there was a major Republican victory in the recent midterm elections and in January a Republican majority in the Senate will join the Republican majority in the House. It was known before the election that President Obama planned to use an executive order to promote backdoor amnesty.

This was likely part of the reason for the major loss in the election but the president has decided to proceed anyway and very soon we expect him to cease deportations of millions of illegal immigrants.

Recent immigration tweets – surprisingly, most results of my search were news sources

Some of the outlets where people discuss these issues are of course social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Still, I wondered, why is there no petition on Whitehouse.gov which asks the President to not declare backdoor amnesty. There are lots of petitions which I consider on the fringes which do fairly well on the site. For example, this one about stopping the spread of communism in Brazil. I live and breathe news and never even heard of this issue. Then again, we have to cut US news sources some slack… Remember, they had Kim Kardashian’s naked rear to report on recently.

Moreover, I somehow doubt President Obama is the US voice to address the spread of communism. But I digress.

I wondered, who comes to this site? How do people promote their causes? I noticed over 142,000 people signed the Brazil petition but then there were almost 82,000 people who signed a petition which gives some government workers more vacation time. After all, who hasn’t heard the expression, “Let’s go to Miami for a week, I’ve been slaving like a federal employee.” But there I go again… Digressing. One subsequently must surmise there are precisely 82,000 people, including family members affected by such a change.

Another interesting point, the petition to stop common core, something it seems only Bill and Melinda Gates seem to like, received only 349 signatures. Conversely, a petition to add “Manu,” the ancient Vedic Lawgiver, to the US Supreme Court Building with the statues of other lawgivers received 478 signatures. Yeah, me neither.

I was curious… Would the Whitehouse accept a petition topic about immigration? Was it too toxic? Would they censor me? Would I be getting a visit from my friendly neighborhood Secret Service agent? I suspect many of them are traveling quite often which would explain why the White House door doesn’t seem to get protected. Did I digress again? Sorry about that.

The point I am trying to make by the way is that the President, if he moves forward will be continuing a trend of taking major executive actions without the checks and balances from Congress. This move would be perhaps the equivalent of the next Republican president deciding to declare an executive order to not collect taxes on the top 5% of income earners or to not collect estate taxes or capital gains taxes, etc.

So here is my petition. It has one lonely signature. You may sign it if you like or promote it on social sites. Do you think this is a good way to get politicians or the President to listen to their constituents or do you think social is a better platform. Feel free to share your comments below.

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