Airline Outage, The Cost of IT Downtime and how AIOps Can Help

Estimates of an hour of downtime are as high as $500,000 per hour but in some cases the cost can be far, far greater. Today’s Airline outage affected Amadeus Altea software used by 125 airlines and appeared to also have hit some online check-ins.

Business Continuity is crucial for all companies – not just airlines. But airlines are interesting because the damages quite often can be measured quickly. For passengers with delayed or cancelled flights – the penalty could be as high as 510 British Pounds or $685 per passenger.

If we assume 2,000 flights faced this penalty and 200 people were affected per flight, the damages could be 2,000*200*$685 or $274 million dollars.

Interestingly, this would mean if the problem was solved quickly, potentially a quarter of a million dollars could be saved. Of course this is somewhat hypothetical at this point but you get the idea.

It reminded us of a recent article we wrote about FixStream and how their Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps) help companies quickly remedy problems they have with their complex systems – especially hybrid clouds where complexity has grown exponentially.

We reached out to Enzo Signore, the company’s CMO and asked his thoughts on this problem. This is what he told us:

This is EXACTLY what FixStream is addressing – the correlation between applications and infrastructure (network in this case) is one of the most complex to determine, given the distributed architecture and the siloed nature of IT. Visibility of the end-to-end flows is limited and therefore precious time and money is wasted. In this case impacting travelers all over Europe.

Today’s incident raises several questions:

In this case it took 15 minutes to discover the network issue, but why did it take 4 hours to restore the service?

How many people were involved in getting to the root cause?

What would have been the impact if it had taken an hour to determine the issue?
Also, were they able to determine the reasons behind the network failure so that it can be prevented from happening in the future?

The AIOps solution seems like it is the future of managing ever-more complex systems where numerous clouds mesh together and IoT devices are spread throughout the organization.

Let’s hope this becomes the case at companies like Amadeus Altea and others who are responsible for customer-facing services the global economy depends upon.

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