Alltel Partners with AAA

Years back, many of my colleagues and I waxed poetic about location based services. Now it seems, with the aid of GPS, these services are being rolled out. A really interesting one has been announced by AAA the automobile club and Alltel.

The way it works is your GPS-enabled Alltel phone allows you to know the closest establishments where AAA savings may be had. This could save people a great deal of money as AAA has over 100,000 locations working with them to provide savings.

In addition, the phone works to alert AAA if you have car trouble. Obviously it can also send your location information instantaneously. This is especially helpful if you aren’t sure where you are. For example broken down on a remote back road in the middle of nowhere.

AAA Mobile is powered by the Networks In Motion (NewsAlert) (NIM) location-based services platform can be downloaded from select GPS-enabled wireless phones such as the Samsung u520, LG AX8600, Samsung r500, Motorola (NewsAlert) Z6M, Motorola V9m, and Motorola V3a.

This is a great service and should make Alltel service that much stickier.

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