American Airlines Advertises in-flight WiFi as Differentiator

American Airlines has begun a new marketing campaign targeted at travelers who want to keep in touch while in the air. The TV ad which you may have caught on CNBC features a mother and daughter having a conversation but the conversation fades into a chat session between mother and daughter as the mother is sitting in a coach seat which seems to have more legroom than I remember on my last American Airlines flight from a few days ago.

Ironically the last flight I was on – which went from Las Vegas to Chicago to LGA had WiFi which didn’t work. Not that I am complaining about the airline as they were able to rapidly get me on another flight after I missed my original one and moreover, they got me home safely.

Another interesting factoid is most American Airlines flights I am on just don’t have WiFi which can be a real pain when you go cross-country. Other airlines in my experience seem to have better connectivity options.

Let’s hope this new ad will get the post-bankruptcy company to realize how important it is to have WiFi on all flights. Moreover let’s hope all airlines – national and international add WiFi so passengers have the option to work while in-flight.

Many of you have told me in the past the flight is the last place you can get work done without interruptions. I must say though when your real email address is on the press list for CES, MWC, ITEXPO, CTIA and others – and you have the same email address for well over a decade, a few hours without connectivity could equate to many hundreds of actionable emails with news and information of importance.

Yes, it is great to unplug from time to time – but I prefer to decide when the unplugging should take place. Moreover thanks to my Boingo subscription which they provided me a while back and which works great, I have rapid sign-ons to the onboard WiFi and don’t feel like I am wasting connectivity/money – even if I am not working 100% of the time while on the plane.

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