Awesome Cyber-Monday Phone Battery Charger Deal

PowerSkin PoP’n for Apple® iPhone 5/5S/5C
My family has had great experiences with the PowerSkin PoP’n Battery Charger as the device has suction cups and sticks to the back of your phone which means no additional cable is needed. Best of all, since it isn’t a case, you don’t have to worry about the difficulty of separating your phone from the case. The only drawback is the base can be a bit fragile under heavy stress situations as you might expect. Still, this is a great battery and I endorse it fully because of the case-less and cordless charging capability.

The company will soon be selling these chargers for 1 cent and $7.99 for shipping. This is an amazing value. The limit is one per email address and the offer does not apply to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus which require the PowerSkin PoP’n 2. Still, the deal applies to batteries for virtually all other devices. Even though there is an email limit, there is no limit on how many will be sold and its available in the following colors: white, black, red and pink.

The batteries offered in this Cyber-Monday-only deal (December 1st) generally retail for $50-$60 (Amazon prices slightly lower) so this is a really good deal and the battery for the iPhone 6 pair will set you back $69.99.

According to the company, c
onsumers must enter the code “penny” to receive the offer.

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