Cablevision Advertising Optimum WiFi in Browsers

Check out this powered by Optimum WiFi ad I just noticed for the first time today. I am posting from an iPad and there is a chance this photo will be rotated incorrectly as I am posting via email. Part of the reason for this BTW is that the BlogPress software which I typically use hasn’t been approved for use on iOS5 as of yet. The company tells me they did submit to Apple some time back.
BTW I spent some time adding MAC addresses to Optimum WiFi from my house this weekend. This is an excessively painful process which Cavblevision should streamline and simplify. Moreover, it would be great if they would allow up to 10 devices to be automatically recognized instead of four. The reason for my suggestion is if a device isn’t recognized you need to enter a user name and password every time you connect.


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