Can we Stop Twitter Fail Whale?

I must admit I rarely use the Twitter web interface – I am a fan of HootSuite and TweetDeck and use them both depending on various factors. So I don’t see the fail whale that often. But today I decided to respond to someone who retweeted one of my tweets by clicking on the link I received via twitter in an email. Sure enough, the fail whale came up – I have seen it so often years ago before I started using Twitter interfaces listed above.

The question I have to ask is – if we as a world are relying on Twitter so much for communications, isn’t it important to society to have this thing working correctly all the time? Sure, outages happen – even to Google, Salesforce and Facebook but what will it take to get Twitter to be as bulletproof as say a local app?

These are the questions the company should be grappling with as they work on revenue models and they shouldn’t skimp on infrastructure upgrades… There is only so much frustration users will tolerate before they think about switching platforms.

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