Chromecast Dongle Helps Google Take Down Apple

A low-cost atom bomb from Google aimed at the living room

If you have been following Google’s moves lately you see the company seems to have a laser focus on being a leader in a number of areas from autonomous cars to balloon-powered WiFi. Its important to point out there seems to be intense focus on competing with Apple with the introduction of solid products which are priced far lower than what Cupertino has to offer.

In the past five years, Google has launched an app store, an OS for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and cloud-powered laptops. Now the company has unveiled Chromecast, a $35 dongle allowing streaming from mobile device to any television.

In short it takes on Apple TV to some degree and costs one-third as much. You might argue that this solution is really an AirPlay competitor but as Google is also the owner of YouTube, one could argue this new product is really a way of ensuring Google becomes that much more dominant in the video distribution world and boxes out Apple as a media distribution competitor.

So many people have turned off cable and consume content from Hulu, Netflix and YouTube exclusively on a non-TV device – now they can use a TV easily as a wireless monitor.

Everyone knows there is a war for the living room being fought by consumer electronics companies and a $35 dollar entry into the space that connects most every TV to most every smart device seems to be the right price point to help win this war.

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