Clearwire Truck Lost at TMC HQ Due to Layoffs?


Its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – the story landed literally in our laps. We didn’t even need to go outside – well it was raining so I didn’t want to go outside (please don’t tell anyone I work with). Embarassed So I went to my team of editors after getting a tip that there is a Clearwire truck right outside my window.


Shows you how oblivious I am – its been there for two days according to one of my coworkers.

But anyway – what could be the reason the truck is here? Could they be testing that personalized 4G service I have been begging for all these months? Are they scoping out Norwalk, Connecticut to see if this would be a good place to launch 4G service soon?


The suspense was killing me so I brought the full force of the TMC editorial team to bear on the problem and soon thereafter this article appeared… Thanks Team! Smile

Now please, Clearwire – if this post helps you find your lost truck – can you consider TMC HQ as a place for one of those shiny new 4G cell towers? Then again – I just got word the company laid off 15% of its workforce (see links below)  – perhaps they let go of the driver and don’t even know this truck is missing.

Either way – c’mon guys – media companies make great customers – also – think about how many hedge funds we have in this area with lots of cash to invest in wireless access for trading!

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