Coastal U.S. Has Fastest Internet – Flyover Country, the Slowest

There is often talk about the political divide between the coasts and the rest of the U.S. There is typically a financial and educational divide as well. Now, we see another difference between the two areas.

The coasts of the United States – particularly the east coast and specifically around Washington, D.C. has the fastest internet speeds – Maryland at 65.02 Mbps – the top average.

The slowest states are generally in the middle of the country – with the exception of Maine.

Two of the slowest states are Alaska is at 17.03 Mbps and Mississippi at 24,77 Mbps.

Here are the complete lists according to

States with the fastest average internet speeds:

  1. Maryland — 65.02 Mbps
  2. New Jersey — 59.58 Mbps
  3. Delaware — 59.08 Mbps
  4. Rhode Island — 56.77 Mbps
  5. Virginia — 55.98 Mbps

States with the slowest average internet speeds:

  1. Alaska — 17.03 Mbps
  2. Mississippi — 24.77 Mbps
  3. Idaho — 25.30 Mbps
  4. Montana — 25.70 Mbps
  5. Maine — 26.05 Mbps


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