Dallas is the Winner in the 5G Race

There has been a lot of 5G news out of MWC this week and when you study some of it, you see that there are certain cities which are way ahead of others in the 5G race. Perhaps surprisingly, Dallas seems to be the winner so far, followed by Atlanta.

  AT&T Sprint T-Mobile Verizon
New York     X  
Dallas X X X X
Los Angeles   X X  
Waco X      
Atlanta X X   X
Houston   X    
DC   X   X
Chicago   X    
Las Vegas     X  
Ann Arbor       X
Bernardsville     X
Brockton       X
Denver       X
Houston       X
Miami       X
Seattle       X
Sacramento       X

There are a few things to note. T-Mobile has said it will roll out 5G in 30 cities and Verizon has announced the most cities so far. Another interesting point is Verizon has really decided to roll out in what seem like surprising locations which many of us have never heard of. Interesting choices for sure.

For sure, people in Dallas are the luckiest of all, followed by Atlanta, Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

Time to move. wink_smile

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