Democrats Say You are Lying

Here is an interesting story from CNET on Google’s need for more immigrants with H1-B visas. According to the article, some Democrats wonder if Google is doing enough to recruit Americans. The question worth asking is are these Democrats serious?
One of the most ingenious hiring campaigns I have ever seen in the United States comes from Google. This billboard which poses a math question and requires you to know the answer before responding is an example of Google going above and beyond to hire US workers.
This story was even on NPR.ORG… Don’t tell me some Democrats missed it.
Google is spending millions of dollars on recruiting in the US and took the time to testify in Washington on this matter. I would imagine the company has more important things to do than to spend a day in front of our government.
Microsoft also complains there are not enough foreign workers. In fact virtually every technology company complains. What some politicians don’t get is that many Americans choose not to study computer engineering. We have a shortage of engineering talent. It is that simple.
Moreover, Google has an obligation to its shareholders to hire people to fill its open positions. By asking questions relating to the company’s hiring practices, our politicians are actually asking Google if they are not living up to their shareholder responsibility.
The whole situation is scary. You just get the feeling when you read this article that the government of this country is terribly out of touch with reality. If you aren’t going to listen to Google and Microsoft about the need for talent, who do you listen to?
It is a sad day when a farmer in New Mexico has access to all the immigrant labor he or she needs and Google and Microsoft are being starved. In the case of the farmer, the government has done little to stem the tide of illegal immigration. When it comes to companies looking to work within the confines of the system, the government questions their integrity.
Every day the politicians deliberate about whether Microsoft and Google are being disingenuous is another day where American companies look to other countries to hire workers.
Worse, the smaller US technology companies will not even be able to hire talent if this keeps up. And these smaller companies a harder time hiring people in other countries.
Eventually, innovation will suffer.
I leave you with this question… Why do some in our government think the top tech companies in the US are lying to them?

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