Dialogic Leading the way in WebRTC Deployments

Dialogic announced today they are involved in over 90 WebRTC engagements among telcos, enterprises, contact centers, cloud and Web companies, and public institution. Some of the details are as follows:

  • Communications service providers (CSPs) demand WebRTC. 74% of engagements have a CSP focus or relate in some way to communications service.
  • Existing IP communications networks must be extended. 67% need to connect existing networks with WebRTC where PowerMedia XMS provides media interworking.
  • WebRTC is a global phenomenon. 62% of Dialogic’s WebRTC engagements are international, with representation in all global regions, notably with pockets of activity in Latin America and the Middle East.
  • Video telephony is the leading application. 65% were most interested in PowerMedia XMS’s video capabilities, with nearly half interested in providing multi-party conferencing features.

Dialogic has been one of the most disruptive companies in the communications space – especially when you factor in the disruptors it’s purchased over the decades. They disrupted the fax machine with PC-faxing. The proprietary enterprise telecom equipment which handled voicemail and media processing was disrupted by the company’s media processing boards which again were installed into PC servers. These products eventually evolved into packet-processing engines allowing VoIP gateways to be built and you guessed it, disrupt the entire telecom market.

The company soon became disrupted themselves as host media proceeding (HMP) was born allowing computers to do much of the work you used to need a Dialogic board for. Interestingly, Intel saw this trend and purchased Dialogic at the start of the dotcom boom. They didn’t have great success running it so they spun it back out.

Since then, the company rolled up the competitive space and made investments in areas like leading-edge video for carriers.

However the challenge the company has faced over the last years is apps – this is where a good amount of investment has gone. By investment of course I refer to not just capital – but more importantly the time and attention of developers.

WebRTC however is a new world for the company to explore and in a meeting with CEO Kevin Cook and Senior Director Product Marketing Chad Hart this evening I walked away impressed with where the company is headed. For example, Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS is helping to bridge the divide between the web and telecom networks thanks to WebRTC. It is being used by corporations to enable more full-featured multiparty conference calling not built into the current WebRTC spec while saving these companies money.

It can also power conferencing services, handle WebRTC voice and video mail and more. This is why telecom equipment manufacturers continue to depend on the company. Moreover, Cook explained that they are focusing more on and are having more success selling to larger carriers.

The future the company sees is carriers using their solutions to more nimbly compete with OTT competitors. They see CSPs in a unique position – they can provide better services than OTT vendors because they have access to the network and can bring in secure file-sharing and other services to make a powerful solution for companies and perhaps consumers.

Going forward, they will be more cloud-ready by virtualizing all their solutions and interestingly, HMP – the technology that helped disrupt the company will play a part in helping Dialogic become successful in the NFV space. After all, it was host media processing which really was the ancestor of today’s NFV – allowing once proprietary hardware to be replaced by Intel servers chips. Moreover, they see big opportunities ahead as web developers realize how powerful WebRTC is and can be. At 90 deployments at such an early stage in the technology’s life, we can safely say Dialogic is one of the leaders in this exciting new field.

Kevin Cook is speaking at WebRTC Expo tomorrow at lunch keynote at 12:40pm tomorrow, June 17, 2014 at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, GA.

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