Exclusive: IKIN 3D Holograms for Your Phone: Is this the Future of VR and AR?

The TMC editorial and management team was just in a briefing and demo session with IKIN, the company which brings 3D holograms to your mobile device. Simply stated, the company has developed a platform named RYZ which is capable of displaying holograms in bright, everyday light. Brought to you from the people behind some of Hollywood’s most impressive D hologram experiences, the technology is extremely impressive. Previous attempts at this tech needed darkness… So they have a technology breakthrough on their hands.

And it’s been shrunken to an impossibly small form factor at an incredibly reasonable price.

A single core of a mobile device can translate 2D to 3D using algorithmic spanning projections, allowing for three-dimensional content which would once need AR glasses or VR goggles. Content no longer needs to be produced in a special room with a supercomputer and other specialized equipment.

And speaking of these glasses and goggles – who knows if these will be the future of visual displays or not. If we can experience 3D holograms without glasses and googles, does this not diminish the need for bulky eyewear?

The technology behind this innovation has numerous patents pending and counting – for things like the polymer lens and polarized screen film technology.

We’ve seen the prototype of this incredible solution and it is pretty amazing… It could be the next breakthrough needed for every display device in a home and office.

We are at the early stages now – there is a lot more to come. We are sadly under strict embargo on the details of how this incredible tech will come to market but we promise to share more as soon as we get the OK from the 3D hologram geniuses as IKIN.

One last tip – expect to see a big splash relating to the company at ITEXPO Feb 12-14, 2020 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you have a content solution or business idea that can be differentiated by 3D hologram technology, register for the show now to stay in the loop and check back on tehrani.com and TMCnet for more details in the coming months.


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